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Started this blog “Blancarte” in the early 2010s when a college student. Its concept is Blanc(white) + Carte(map), which I want everybody’s life to paint and color with articles and photography. It’s about fashion, Art, films, thoughts through my ordinary days and overall my interests.

“ 2010年前半、大学生だった当時にこのブログを始めました。



時岡 碧

AUTHOR | Midori TOkioka

The author, Midori was born in 1991, raised up in Tokyo, and has lived in London since April 2018. she’s been a blogger/editor/writer/columnist, and a reporter/model [*temporary] related to art, films, photography, and technology besides working for a startup company as a media strategist. The career for writing has been about a decade.
her motto, “Curiosity killed the cat, but I love being curious” is because that she had had tons of unforgettable moments through her life, as many as mistakes, thanks to her strong curiosity. she’s been dreaming about making ‘pieces’ with writing and living w/flowers, which she believes that they will come true. More information: See on LinkedIn.



recent hashtag: #碧のロンドン退屈日記